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Business Coaching

One on One

One on one mentoring and business coaching is the most effective method for producing long term sustained growth and development. Mentoring is a two way dialogue that requires thought and participation on both parts. I have a background and education in business and an MBA from Fordham Univeristy in NYC. Much of my personal strength lies on the business side and in communication. This helps me in identifying and understanding unique goals and needs, creating a development plan, and then setting a course for implementation.

Join me for a conversation and adventure of education addressing anything and everything creative and business related. I am an open book and hold no secrets in photography, business, or life.


We will tackle the simple small thing and also tackle the big and deep stuff as well. I am an open book and can tell you about myself and my journey as well as all of the details that allows me to do what I love. The best place for us to start is a portfolio review and website review just so that we can asses where you are and where you want to go.


Perfection is the enemey of creativity and productivity


Challenging yourself


  • Who are you?
  • Identifying/creating a brand
  • communicating your brand


  • working with couples
  • lighting
  • styled shoots
  • scouting
  • storytelling
  • destinations


  • culling
  • storage
  • editing
  • communication


  • developing a style
  • timelessness vs trendiness


  • design
  • SEO
  • blogging


  • social
  • paid advertising
  • getting featured
  • destination weddings


  • importance of relationships
  • planners
  • venue lists
  • styled shoots

Client Experience

  • client communication
  • setting expectations
  • initial consultations
  • deliverables
  • generating referrals

Albums & Prints


Anything & Everything Else

How do we start?

Get in touch and I can send some additional information. Come on in and let’s meet or let’s jump on the phone. No commitments. I can tell you about my background and get a quick assessment of where you are, what you want to achieve, and let you know if I can help with your photography and business. After that initial meetup I will get some additional information from you as well as your website and some complete galleries so that I can get a better sense of where you are and how to get you to where you want to go. 

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