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One on One Mentorship

One on one mentoring and business coaching is the most effective method for long term growth and development. Mentorship is a collaborative dialogue that asks for thought and participation from both parties. So be ready to roll up those sleeves. 

My robust background in business and an MBA from Fordham University in NYC enable me to bring an effective combination of communication and business strategy. Together we'll identify and understand your unique goals and needs before creating a development plan and then ultimately setting a course for implementation.

Join me for a lively conversation and educational adventure addressing everything that prods you both creatively and in running your business. All ships rise with when comes to sharing knowledge and helping each other toward betterment. 

What's Covered

We'll be taking a comprehensive approach to covering a plethora of topics starting with a portfolio and website review in order to asses where you're at. From there we'll discuss end goals and then onto your process both creatively and technically. I'll also be sharing efficient workarounds to common problems and opening up about how I find more fulfillment from my own process. This truly is a collaborate educational experience. 


Perfection is the enemey of creativity and productivity


Challenging yourself


  • Who are you?
  • Identifying/creating a brand
  • communicating your brand


  • working with couples
  • lighting
  • styled shoots
  • scouting
  • storytelling
  • destinations


  • culling
  • storage
  • editing
  • communication


  • developing a style
  • timelessness vs trendiness


  • design
  • SEO
  • blogging


  • social
  • paid advertising
  • getting featured
  • destination weddings


  • importance of relationships
  • planners
  • venue lists
  • styled shoots

Client Experience

  • client communication
  • setting expectations
  • initial consultations
  • deliverables
  • generating referrals

Albums & Prints


Anything & Everything Else

How do we start?

If you're interested in learning more about my mentorship offerings, let's warm up a conversation to discuss where you're at and what you'd like to achieve. Every rewarding path forward begins with a pressure-free conversation.  

Feel free to contact me through the main contact page or email me directly at

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